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Full spectrum of protection

Through our experience and market knowledge, we are able to provide a selection of insurance products for both companies and employees working in the Oil & Gas Industry, even if our customers are present in areas of conflict and require specialist cover.

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Oil & Gas

Policy Options

Property & Engineering Assets

Specific coverage for property and engineering assets ranging from the smallest site equipment to major permanent infrastructure; both owned or leased.



Coverage indemnifies the cost of third party bodily injury and property damage as a result of the customer’s operations including legal costs. Cover can be extended to include pollution coverage, contractual indemnity, ancillary aviation and marine liability, umbrella/excess liability and other specific coverages.


War & Terrorism

Coverage extension can be added to several types of polices to protect personnel, and assets from the political risk such as civil unrest, war, riots, strikes, and acts of terrorism.


Business Interruption

Designed to support the enterprise if income is disrupted on a long-term basis for a variety of reasons including, inter-alia, political unrest and natural disasters. This policy can also support property coverage and ensure that funds are available to rebuild damaged assets.


Directors & Officers Liability

Protects directors, officers and board members form legal liability in the event of alleged wrongful acts or negligence.


Professional liability (E&O)

Protects the insured against liability arising out of errors or omissions in the designing, implementation and production of energy facilities.


Crime insurance

Designed to protect groups from losses due to employee dishonesty or third party fraud. Covered incidents include employee theft, expense report fraud, forgery, fund transfer fraud and identity theft.



Coverage for groups working internationally, including areas of conflict and war zones. Benefits range with deductible amount options, policy limits and coverage electives Acts of War and terrorism, medical evacuation and repatriation are available with every policy.


Medical evacuation

Coverage and assistance for transportation in the event of a medical emergency to the nearest medical facility or home. This coverage can also be extended to include political evacuation and repatriation of remains in case of death on duty.



Worldwide (including war zones). The cover provides protection to employees’ beneficiaries against future financial burdens should a loss ultimately occur. Coverage amounts are proportionate to annual salaries with add-on benefits based on individual and contractual needs.


Personal Accident

Coverage to provide financial compensation in the event of an accident. Benefits can include duty or 24/7 coverage for death or bodily injury to the insured person, temporary/ total disability, evacuation and/or repatriation of remains to the home country.


Employees Coverages

In addition to the above coverages, we’re able to source other insurance cover including employer’s liability, workers’ compensation, foreign voluntary coverage, loss of licence, salary continuation and other coverage for both local and global employee deployment.


Kidnap & Ransom

In the event of kidnap, this cover provides for financial assistance, such as ransom demands or the deployment of a crisis response team to manage the abduction; and legal liabilities that may arise as a result of the kidnapping. We are also able to offer crisis assistance programs, which are plans that provide coverage for assistance only.

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