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Our goal at Osprey Insurance Brokers is to provide complete maritime insurance to meet all of your needs even in this growing and innovating industry. Experts believe risk mitigation will become increasingly important to all forms of maritime business operators as civil conflict, political turmoil, and fuel costs change over the coming 10 years. Insurance policies will need to be more comprehensive and specialised to meet marine operator requirements.

Additionally, there is more demand than ever for well-qualified employees within this field. As employees within this field become harder to source, it will be more important than ever for maritime companies to offer flexible and comprehensive employee insurance packages and benefits to keep them interested.

At Osprey Insurance Brokers, we make it our priority to meet every one of your needs within the field of property, liability, and employee risk mitigation within the maritime insurance market.

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Maritime Cargo and Freight Transport

Policy Options

Commercial Vessel Cover

Keep your assets protected with our complete commercial vessel coverage including vessel owners’ liability policies to protect your people, property, and the environment. This policy can also aid in general average, legal costs, and lawsuits as well as labour covers. We can also source Owners’ Excess P&I war risk cover.


Charterers Cover

Even without ownership of the vessel, the charterer is exposed to numerous risks much the same as the owner. Additionally, charterers can incur liability risk under a charter party for damage to the ship or its equipment. Extend coverage further with charterers’ P&I war risk cover, liability for hull damage and loss, and bunker cover.


Other Key Property Coverage

Osprey Insurance Brokers also offers complete maritime insurance cover for other liability risks outside of the standard P&I or legal assistance and defence protection. Secure a policy for contractual extension liability, additional passenger liability, salvors’ liability, cargo deviation liability, confiscation of the insured ship, and offshore liability cover.

When you schedule an appointment with Osprey Insurance Brokers, we evaluate your specific maritime insurance needs and provide a comprehensive, customised policy to meet them.


Protect Your Team with Crew Medical and Personal Accident Policies

Many countries require ship operators to now provide personal accident and medical coverage from reputable underwriters for crew members. Our relationship with Tangiers International’s medical network and assistance program helps us guarantee the level of service provided at the time an accident occurs until that crew member is returned on board or to his home country.


Yacht Hull and Machinery Cover

Our yacht hull and machinery policies provide coverage for the physical loss or the damage of the hull and any machinery utilised on the yacht including tender and peripheral sports equipment such as jet skis. Osprey Insurance Brokers can also extend this coverage to protection your fine art and other high-value items on board.


Crew, Guest, and Owners Personal Accident Cover

Purchase personal accident insurance for yacht crew and onboard guests as well as family members of the yacht owner. Should an incident occur, this policy pays a lump sum payment in the case of death or permanent disability, Medical expense coverage, and repatriation. Supplied through Tangiers International medical network and assistance, we guarantee the level of serviced provided at the time of an incident from the time the covered individual is returned on board or to his home country.


Marine Cargo Insurance

Whether transported in bulk or in small, individual shipments, transported via air, road, or sea, or whether it is livestock, high-value fine art, or consignment of machinery, our maritime cargo insurance provides comprehensive protection at a competitive rate. These policies are sourced from the best maritime insurance insurers. Select single placement or an annual open cover policy. Further, extend your coverage to include stock throughput as well.


Freight Forwarders Liability Cover

Freight forwarders are often exposed to risks during their normal duties including towards customers. This can lead to an errors or omissions claim. This risk can occur out of contract or through statutes and conventions. In all cases, Osprey Insurance Brokers can source custom built cover to protect your business operations.


Ship Repairers Liability Cover

Ship repairers, contractors, and dry-dock operators, utilize our liability to protect against financial risk associated with damage or loss to vessels while under your custody or control.


Terminal Operator’s Liability Cover

Secure protection as a cargo terminal operator for liability-related incidents such as damage to cargo or property held in custody at your location.


Stevedores Legal Liability Cover

Protect against legal liability for damage to cargo, vessels, and other third-party property resulting from unloading or loading operations.


Additional Coverage

Trust Osprey Insurance Brokers to aid with all types of coverage needs. Our team can assist with disputes in marine operations of any vessel. We can course coverage for freight detention and delay, general average, contracts of carriage, salvage and towage, passenger, and other cover as needed.

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