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Healthcare protection is growing in importance around the globe. Yet, this is a very diverse field and one with ample challenges for anyone operating a health care centre or hospital. The risks continue to grow as transparency becomes important and there is no doubt that litigation can be an expensive and limiting concern for most settings. That’s why Osprey Insurance Brokers offers a comprehensive plan to help hospitals and other healthcare providers to gain the risk mitigation they need.

Osprey Insurance Brokers provides a comprehensive level of protection for those in healthcare industry. As industry leaders who have worked in the field for many years, we have a deep level of understanding of the risks you face operating your facility – no matter where it is located in the world. Osprey Insurance Brokers aims to provide each provider of such care with a comprehensive insurance plan that’s customised to meet the individual needs of your organisation. There are various ways we do this including through customised packages designed for the specific risks your organisation faces.

Headquartered in Malta, Osprey Insurance Brokers is regulated by the Malta Financial Service Authority and licensed to provide healthcare protection insurance brokering services. Here’s a look at some of the coverage that we offer hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.

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Senior Care Providers

In many countries, the age of the population is getting older. As a result, senior care organisations are seeing a record amount of growth and demand for their services. A shortage of caregivers can tax these organisations and put a number of people at risk. This can create property issues, patient matters, and hazards for residents and employees. Our coverage for senior care providers includes protection solution such as:

  • Cyber risk management
  • Claims inventory workout
  • Workforce safety solutions
  • Directors and Officers liability coverage
  • Property and equipment solutions

These plans are designed specifically for senior care providers, offering a customised solution to some of the most common risks present here.

Acute Care Providers

The intensity surrounding hospitals, clinics, and other immediate care centres is growing at a rapid pace. With the aid of a comprehensive insurance plan for healthcare needs, it is possible to significantly improve risk and reduce costs. These locations must balance economics and provide the highest level of care for patients while also keeping employees and other staff safe. To facilitate this, our coverage includes solutions such as the following:

  • Reimbursement risk protection solutions
  • Property and equipment solutions
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Health care professional liability coverage
  • Capital protections
  • Excess loss and health plan reinsurance products
  • Directors and Officers liability insurance

Our acute care solutions extend to meet your specific needs. Our coverage protects employees, assets, liability, and much more to keep you operational affordably in a high-risk environment.

Malpractice Insurance

Perhaps one of the biggest worries for today’s hospital and other healthcare setting is the risk of malpractice. Across the globe, the number of claims for malpractice have continued to rise especially in areas where worker shortages are common. Our specialised malpractice coverage can meet the needs of any facility by offering a customised plan to address their specific needs. Some key features of these plans include the following:

  • Coverage for most types of facilities including self-funded locations, critical access locations, general acute care, alternative risk partnerships, physician/hospital programmes, and much more.
  • Coverage for all physicians whether they are employed by the facility, contracted providers, or independent staff.
  • Coverage is in place for the hospital itself including separate and shared limit options.
  • Other facilities associated with the location can also be covered under these plans.

Solutions include professional liability coverage for local claims, loss portfolio capital release programmes, alternative risk partners, and more.

Additional Types of Hospital and Healthcare Coverage Available

Take a closer look at some of the protections available for hospitals no matter where they are located around the world. Coverage options include the following:

Errors and Omissions Insurance

A key type of coverage for hospitals is Errors and Omissions insurance, commonly sold as professional liability insurance or malpractice insurance. It covers any employee who provides medical advice or makes any type of recommendation of care. It can include instances of neglect and claims for poor decisions.

Commercial General Liability

Claims made against the hospital or facility as a result of an accident or injury occurring on the premise is covered under Commercial General Liability insurance. This will include investigations and settlements as well as the cost of defence and other legal costs related to such claims. It may include bonds and judgements as well made against the company.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance also known as EPLI provides coverage in instances when a former, current, or a potential employee files a claim against the hospital or healthcare provider has had his or her rights violated. The coverage extends to a variety of types of claims including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination against race, sex, age, or disability, among other types of coverage. The policy provides for the legal defence of the location as well as any damages required to be paid by the company after such claims. It does not include coverage for intentional acts of discrimination.

Construction Property Insurance

With the growing demand of hospital facilities around the world, there is no doubt that having comprehensive protection for construction sites is very valuable. These policies can provide protection in the event of any claim made against the company related to construction locations.

Excess Casualty Insurance

This type of insurance provides coverage for extensive claims made against the organisation. This is often due to significant events that involve a significant amount of loss. Catastrophic liability loss extends beyond that of traditional liability insurance, offering a higher level of care in situations where the losses extend significantly beyond a single person or a single claim.

Fiduciary Liability

Most hospitals and healthcare providers must compete for workers. As a result, it is very common to provide extensive benefits plans to meet the needs of these workers. Yet, there are some risks in offering these plans. Fiduciary liability aids in providing protection against benefit plan losses and to cover the employees that oversee these plans.

Crime Insurance

Crime is common around the world including in the healthcare setting. This type of insurance coverage protects against a blanket level of areas including social engineering, computer crime, fraud of all types, and more. It can help in claims of a dishonest employee or criminal behaviour on others involved in the location.

Customised Healthcare and Hospital Insurance and Supportive Services

Osprey Insurance Brokers offer a wide range of coverages designed to meet the unique needs of the ever-changing health industry. Our services are provided by industry leaders who understand the risks as well as how to mitigate them in these high-value companies and establishments. The company offers flexible policy options customised to fit the unique environment in which you operate and with a careful eye on the needs you have. We tailor your plan to meet your needs including through operators, lessors, financiers, and in other environments. When you work with Osprey Insurance Brokers, you gain significant support as well as an affordable and reliable plan. Contact our team today to talk to an experienced professional that is a leader within the healthcare industry. Let us help you with outstanding service and support.

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