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The Osprey Insurance Brokers Difference

The Demand for Quality Aerospace Insurance

There is increasing demand for high quality aerospace insurance designed for an ever-changing industry. A small, minor fault can lead to catastrophic occurrences including legal liability and incredible costs associated with the business. More so, the complex nature of this industry often leads to claims that occur years after the incident occurs and larger investigations take place to uncover blame. The proper level and type of insurance is critical in these instances as even large aerospace organisations can struggle financially from a single claim like this.

A key component of the service offered by Osprey Insurance Brokers is to provide extensive access to aerospace insurance for companies of all types across the globe. This includes in remote areas and hard-to-insure areas. It includes all types of aerospace insurance needs and risk mitigation that extends throughout the company. With a dedicated team of industry experts, we provide extensive access to protections that meet all goals.

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Aerospace Coverage

Among the types of aerospace insurance coverage available through Osprey Insurance Brokers is an extensive line of products that include the following:


Airline and General Aviation Cover

This type of cover applies to a wide range of risks and includes all-risk hulls, spares passenger cover, and third party liability cover. It also includes hull deductible, hull war and excess war, and third party liability as it applies in those situations.


Manufacturer Cover

Manufacturers within this industry also face risks including numerous long-term exposures. Aerospace insurance here may aid in protecting manufacturers of airframes and aircraft parts and components. This type of cover includes sales and demonstration flight coverage for liability risks.


Service Provider Cover

Service providers can also face property damage and liability exposure. Insurance products here can help to minimise risks related to airports, service operators, as well as air navigation service providers. Specific coverage depends on numerous factors involved within the operation.


Maintenance and Repair Cover

The cost of repair and maintenance within this industry is also extraordinarily high. Coverage is available to help with maintenance repair and overhaul. This may include ground handling and refeuelling services and liability protection. It aims to protect any organisation operating maintenance and repair services within this industry.


Financing Organisations Cover

Another sector within the aerospace field is lenders. These organisations also face exposure to risk when financing operations, projects, or new ventures. Coverage is available for banks and financing organisations including providing contingent liability cover as it applies.


Space Cover

This area of coverage may include pre-launch, launch, and in-orbit life cover. It provides financial protection for physical damage as well as third party liability cover to protect all claim risks.


Additional Protections

Other cover options are available as well. This may include:

  • Loss of licence
  • Loss of use
  • Personal accident cover
  • Business interruption cover
  • Mechanical breakdown cover
  • Prime manufacturer cover
  • Product liability cover
  • International airport and facilities cover
  • Airport contractor cover
  • Terminal building liability cover
  • Component manufacturer cover
  • Air traffic control cover
  • Repairers and overhaulers cover
  • Airside liability protections
  • Aerospace risk consulting
  • Ferry flights cover
  • Regional and local airfields, international airfield operators

In each situation, customised cover is always possible. This allows for organisations to achieve a very specific level of protection that applies to their unique needs and reduces extensive costs associated with other products they do not need.

Osprey Insurance Brokers works with a wide range of organisations, companies, nonprofits, and governmental agencies to provide these services. This includes some of the leading aerospace companies spanning the globe. Among our clients are:

  • Full airlines and executives
  • Manufacturers within the aerospace industry
  • Airport and airport service operators including large and small-scale companies
  • General aviation businesses
  • Satellite operators
  • Launch vehicle operators

These organisations represent a handful of the types of businesses we can offer support and service to within the aerospace industry.


What Aerospace Insurance Protections Osprey Insurance Brokers Provides

The aerospace insurance made available through Osprey Insurance Brokers and its affiliations are extensive and offer protection in virtually every sector of this industry. Previously, policies only offered limited protection. However, since the days of simple launch insurance until today, with complex mechanisms at play, Osprey Insurance Brokers has continued to provide access to changing policies to meet new demands.

Among the protections and services offered are:

  • Contract analysis and advice provided to guide decision making
  • Risk evaluation steps to enable companies to gain clear insight into industry-wide risks and unknown factors
  • Alternative risk-transfer solutions that are becoming more necessary and in-demand than ever
  • Claim negotiation support as it applies
  • Insurance programme design and implementation services across the world providing a streamlined way of implementing proper coverage

Among the benefits of working with Osprey Insurance Brokers for aerospace insurance cover is the ability to have access to some of the most important yet cutting-edge policy options available today. Additionally, our team is aligned with the leading organisations within this industry to ensure seamless support, fast claims settlements, and outstanding risk manage services that extend across the world. It is these types of services that help ensure those within the aerospace industry achieve the risk mitigation they need while also minimising associated costs that directly impact their budget and innovation abilities.


Our Space Coverage: The Osprey Insurance Brokers Difference

A key component in today’s aviation industry, aerospace insurance is one of the most important investments individuals within this sector must take on. Our aerospace insurance coverage mitigates risks related to all areas of aerospace risk. This includes guarding against physical damage at the launch and in-orbit life. It also protects third party liability and product liability risks.

When you work with Osprey Insurance Brokers, you get a team of hands-on, industry level experts willing to provide comprehensive support and custom insurance policies that address your organisation’s specific areas of concern and risk. More so, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your risk concerns within the aerospace industry and, after fulling researching and exhausting all options, provide key recommendations within a streamlined, easy-to-use, and affordable package. Our goal is to minimise your risk, but to never limit your innovative abilities and company growth through overcharging.

Expect the highest level of professional service and individual attention when you work with Osprey Insurance Brokers for aerospace insurance protection. Allow our experienced staff and industry leaders to aid you in creating a custom package designed specifically for your small or large business, startup, or established organisation.

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